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Executive GuideExecutive Guide to successful technology partner selection

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According to Standish research, 2 of 3 IT projects fail to be delivered in time and within budget. Many of these projects do not need to fall in the failure column. Unfortunately, a good majority do because buyers of IT project services make poor decisions when selecting vendor partners.

This comprehensive guide is prepared to help you know what exactly to look for while deciding on a technology partner and ensuring your projects are successful. It will help your company with:

  • Gaining a clearer understanding of vendor evaluation and selection criteria
  • Building a strong business case before initiating a vendor selection process
  • Learning what similar companies prefer for the type of vendor you’re considering

The most critical piece of this is selecting a vendor partner that will help you achieve success. That said, in the midst of planning, a poor choice in partnering can cost the company critical time and opportunity loss as well as hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted. If you know what to look for in an IT partner, you’ll go a long way to mitigating the risks mentioned above and increasing your chances of success exponentially.