Portals and Collaboration

The Cloud and other emerging open source technologies have given rise to unprecedented collaborative capabilities. It is time to refocus and consider the enhanced power and reach of today’s global collaborative portal solutions. A portal is an application that helps you:

  • Enable disciplined collaboration of data, text, documents, videos, actions and outcomes.
  • Assemble multiple sources as one truth, and share information and actions as required.
  • Propel innovation by navigating and rearranging information with ease.

exceptionally experiencedThe right mix of industry and platform expertise for any migration project

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Our Clients JPMorganChase Work Done Loan Portal

Whether you use Lotus Notes, Drupal, SharePoint, K2, IBM BPM, Tibco or custom applications, Visionet excels at helping businesses collaborate with agility and accelerate value generation. For the past ten years, our team of over one hundred seasoned collaboration professionals has applied a deep understanding of contemporary workflow and portal technologies to the content management and collaborative needs of world-class organizations.

Our 100+ seasoned collaboration professionals possess a deep understanding of portal technologies.

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Our Clients QVC Work Done Notes to SharePoint

Expert migrationsSharePoint Migration Services

Our exceptionally talented migration team has provided consultations and end-to-end migration services in thousands of SharePoint migration scenarios. In addition to migrating content from older versions of SharePoint during platform upgrades, Visionet’s migration specialists have assisted hundreds of businesses migrate their content to SharePoint from FTP servers, web servers, network file systems, Lotus Notes, and several legacy ECM solutions.

ECM and wcmEnterprise and web content management

Visionet takes pride in its history of facilitating complex and large-scale content management. Through their use of workflow customizations, page shadowing and site replication, our content management experts have allowed many content-driven enterprises to improve content delivery performance and availability, while simultaneously reducing operating costs.

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Our Clients Associated Press Work Done Drupal based Content Management Enterprise System