Application Maintenance – Case Study


Overview of Visionet’s Application Support and Maintenance Ramp-up Methodology

Case Study # 1 –  $8B Retailer
Case Study # 2 – $1B Apparel Wholesaler


Resource Centric View of Transition Methodology


Case Study #1

Successfully Ramping Up Maintenance and Support

CS#1 – The Requirement

Reduce enterprise application support costs

Free internal resources from support roles to focus on capital projects

Increase overall efficiency of IT operations

Overcome negative perception of offshore services by management and staff

CS#1 – The Solution

Provide a blended team of onsite and offshore resources to support a group of initial applications

Educate client’s management and staff on the benefits of the blended onsite/offshore model

Use application support engagement as a tool to gain complete understanding of all company operations and interdependencies

Understand main IT initiatives, as well as business and IT processes in order to provide across the board services to the entire enterprise

CS#1 – The Scope

Transition involved applications in the following areas

  • PDM
  • Merchandise Pricing
  • Broadcast Planning
  • Enterprise Planning
  • Broadcasting
  • Replenishment
  • Primary eCommerce Web Site
  • SAP
  • Mainframe/Cobol
  • Enterprise Reporting

Resource Allocation


Progress monitoring at each Application Level

Weekly Detailed Statistics by Application


Service Calls By Application


• Overall Average Ticket Resolution time has decreased from 29.47 hrs to 25.25 hours since last review

Project Highlights and Results

Overall Average Ticket Resolution time (decreased from 57.25 hrs to 25.25) hours in 12 months and continues to decrease

Service call queue for PDM reduced by over 80 percent from beginning – ticket resolution time continues to decrease

Valuable analytical and technical contribution provided for Manhattan WMS implementation

Visionet Enterprise Reporting team has developed over 646 reports to date in 8,452 hours with a defect rate of less than1.5%

Completed transition of mainframe support work to Visionet onsite resource and have almost completed transition of work to offshore support.

Providing both onsite and offshore support for SAP enhancement development and configuration and continuing to transition more work offshore to reduce cost

Annual $ savings in 7 figures

Case Study #2

Successfully Ramping Up Maintenance and Support

Visionet’s Compelling Advantages over EDS (prior vendor)

Flexible Domain and Technology savvy onsite team – knowledge based management
Significantly lower management overhead and cost to client
Lower charge rate for both offshore and onsite resources (25%-35% lower)
Up to 40% higher throughput of Visionet offshore team
No cost bulge of outsourcing during ramp up due to Visionet’s tremendous expertise


Transition to Support and Maintenance

August 2009 – Customer’s management asked Visionet to take over maintenance support from EDS within two months.

Areas of Transition

  1. New Development, Support and maintenance of ERP
  2. Ownership of BI environment – Development, maintenance and administrations
  3. Oracle DB Administration
  4. SQL DB Administration
  5. Code Configuration Management
  6. QA Services in all areas
  7. EAI Administration and development (Biz Talk)
  8. SharePoint Development and Administration

Training Highlights

EBA/ Web EBA/ CM / BizTalk

Client’s Environment Orientation
Policies and Procedures
EBA/WEB Development Process Guide
BizTalk Development Process
BizTalk Interface Overview
Business Integrated Environments Overview
Additional Training for CM

EBA/ WEB EBA / SSRS Deployment Process
Observed and Managed Sessions

Oracle Admin / SharePoint Admin

Client’s Environment Orientation
Policies and Procedures
Oracle Admin

QA testing Support and Release Promotion
DB Administration Tasks
Security Roles and Assignments
Communication Model / On Call Process

Share Point Admin

Client’s Current Environment understanding
Security and Contents Organization


Client’s Environment Orientation
Policies and Procedures
Business Integrated Environments Overview
QA Procedures
Other Systems Overview (WM, Oracle, Ecommerce etc)

BI / SQL Server Admin

Client’s Environment Orientation
Policies and Procedures
VSS Overview
BI Environment overview
EBA/BI Daily Process Cycle
Data Warehouse & Cube Design/Administrative maintenance; EBA/BI Replication
EBA/BI Batch Process Packages (Replication to DW)
EBA/BI Batch Process Packages (Cube processing)
RSA (Retail Sales Analysis)
FBI (Financial Business Intelligence)
Custom Excel & WebPDM/Folio

Actual Transition Time Line


Effort Breakup

November, December  2009



Seamless transition – Not a single business disruption

On time completion of transition – due to quality management as well as technology expertise of client systems

Approximately 35% efficiency in development

25% lower offshore rates

Continuous Monitoring to ensure adherence to SLA

Effort Variance (Threshold:15%) – Current variance stands at 3%
Scheduled Variance (Threshold:10%) – Current variance stands at 2%

Annual $ savings in 7 figures