ARM Loan Audit Workflow

Corporate Profile:

Mortgage Banks acquiring/servicing ARM products

Business Challenge:

Inefficient and manual ARM auditing and servicing setup processes causing delays and errors.


Develop a flexible ARM verification rule based workflow to assist in auditing unverified ARM loans.


ROI: Reduction in errors by 60%. 4 Months payback on Investment.

Project Goals:

To setup an ARM loan for servicing, the loan needs to be tagged as “Verified”. ARM loan verification is a very time consuming process. It requires ARM Auditor to verify all data from the Note signed by the borrower and the available data in servicing system.

Visionet’s team developed a flexible, customizable interface between Origination and Servicing System. The information from the Note generated by the Origination System along with data from the Servicing System is used to perform Mass Verification of the ARM loans. ARM loans conceded from the verification step are then readied for mass update of Caps and Margins to the servicing system governed by the ARM plan setup. Unverified ARM loans are assigned to different exception queues based on the ARM original change IR date field and the queues are handled and monitored accordingly.

A database and rule driven Workflow system enables the user to define complex business conditions. These business conditions are associated with the relevant tasks to ensure the verification and completion of each task.

Benefits to the Customer:

  • Accelerated verification of ARM loans in servicing system reduces the setup time.
  • Dramatic reduction in number of unverified ARM loans at any given time.
  • Dramatic reduction in number of errors in ARM setup process on servicing system.
  • ROI: 4 Months payback on Investment.
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