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Microsoft Dynamics 365
Selecting the Right EDI Solution Partner

Evaluating solution providers is just as important as choosing the EDI solution itself. Choose a provider that knows your industry, accommodates implementation changes, and offers complete post-implementation support services.

Microsoft Dynamics 365
How integrated EDI improves data visibility and shortens order cycles

Without integrated EDI, finance and supply managers in manufacturing and retail will have trouble finding and maintaining accurate inventory and delivery information and can’t easily determine item availability or report customer demand.

Microsoft Dynamics 365
How Leading EDI Solutions Streamline Operations and Partner Onboarding

Manufacturing and retail businesses must ensure that information flows smoothly between them and their partners. Learn how leading EDI solutions expedite partner onboarding, centralize management, reduce effort, and boost efficiency.

Microsoft Dynamics 365
Top-to-Bottom Process Coordination across EDI, ERP, and E-Commerce Platforms

ERP systems integrate internal processes and improve productivity and bottom line, while EDI and e-commerce integration keeps your supply chain synchronized and helps you take immediate action when opportunities or issues arise.

Microsoft Dynamics 365
How ERP Integration Enhances Multichannel Commerce

As e-commerce continues to mature, more and more consumers have begun to treat online shopping as their preferred retail channel.