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Digital Commerce
Why is eCommerce integration important?

A decade or two ago, eCommerce might have seemed to be reserved for large corporations with annual revenues in the hundred millions.

Digital Commerce
Swimming with the Digital Commerce Sharks

Amazon is a leader in eCommerce and offers unmatched value to its customers with its 2-day and next-day delivery promise.

Artificial Intelligence
How is machine learning used in finance?

From screening and approving loans to managing assets and preventing fraud, machine learning plays a crucial role in finance. This blog post explores how machine learning improves financial processes and ensures smooth, agile performance.

Financial Services
Reinsurance risk mitigation using digital risk management solutions

Reinsurers face a high level of risk from multiple market forces, including claims leakage, the arrival of new players, poor management of aging recoverables, and inadequate business intelligence capabilities.

BI & Analytics
Why failure to accurately right-size inventory will hurt your bottom line

Retailers need modern AI-driven tools to accurately forecast inventory, allocation, and assortment requirements and predict exactly which market segments will buy specific products, including cross-sell and upsell items.