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How Social Commerce can be used to increase traffic to an e-commerce site

The boom of social media sites and social apps has totally reshaped the way people socialize and is also affecting the global marketing trends significantly. With over 1.23 billion users and still growing, sites like Facebook have c

Microsoft Dynamics 365
The Factors of Complete Customer Experience

Back in the days, retailers were able to establish themselves merely on the basis of their physical presence in the market in terms of a retail store; today however it is simply not enough to just own a physical store. It is a must

Microsoft Dynamics 365
How does Dynamics AX for Retail help retailers create the complete customer experience?

Retailers who wish to provide customer shopping experiences that promise consistency and convenience to consumers opt for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 for Retail which is an end to end solution including cross channel

Microsoft Azure
The Basics of Leveraging Microsoft Azure for Dynamics

Through Microsoft Azure, a flexible cloud platform, Microsoft has allowed businesses to utilize multiple tools and apps that are accessible in Azure’s public cloud. Microsoft Azure offers Dynamics customers a number of integrated se

Microsoft Connect(); 2015 | Announcements and Overview

A year ago Connect(); started the journey for a new Microsoft for developers, unveiling the future of an open source .NET on Linux and Mac, and a free Visual Studio for targeting any device and any OS.