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Artificial Intelligence
Accommodating consumer diversity using business intelligence

A recent article in Quartz highlighted the significance of social media for the Fashion & Apparel industry. As buyer demographics change, it is vital that fashion brands market their products to a more diverse audience.

Microsoft Dynamics 365
Reducing small parcel shipping costs in Dynamics 365

Inefficient shipment processes pose a major supply chain challenge for retailers with high order volumes. Customer satisfaction hinges on your ability to fulfill orders quickly and accurately.

Supply Chain
Four steps for building a collaborative digital supply chain

The American Fashion & Apparel industry relies heavily on imports. Global suppliers and factories are an integral part of sourcing and supply chain operations. Building strong partner relationships and improving visibility across the supply chain result i

Supply Chain
3 Quick Supply Chain Wins Using Robotic Process Automation

This article discusses how robotic process automation (RPA) is a logical next step in a decades-long tradition of digital automation, and how it is a great way to quickly and effectively accelerate key supply chain functions, including partner onboarding,

Artificial Intelligence
Optimizing ATM cash management using machine learning

Efficiently managing cash in automatic teller machines (ATMs) can reduce financial costs due to unused stocked cash.