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Supply Chain
3 Ways to Overcome Apparel Supply Chain Uncertainty

One thing that every fashion and apparel business has in common is supply chain partners. Whether you’re an apparel manufacturer, retailer, or wholesaler, you’ll be communicating with a third party at some point in your supply chain.

Digital Commerce
Why understanding your customer journey in the Age of the Customer is critical for success

Online retailers face more competition than ever from the multitude of online competitors vying for a share of each customer’s wallet. With so many options so readily available, the convenience that online shoppers enjoy has become challenge for retailers

Artificial Intelligence
Data needs cleaning before machine learning can find meaning

Enterprises large and small need to use all means at their disposal to gain a strategic advantage for their business.

Supply Chain
Collaboration, Agility, and Visibility: The Supply Chain Trifecta

Customers have become increasingly responsive to new trends and their range of preferences have also diversified, leading to an explosion in the variety of products being sold.

Supply Chain
Where to apply machine learning for supply chain optimization

Artificial intelligence, specifically machine learning (ML), is quickly becoming essential for running smarter business operations.