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What can lenders do to minimize risk at pre-funding?

Mortgages through banks or financial institutions have always been the conventional way for individuals for transacting in a real estate purchase transaction.

Microsoft Dynamics 365
Selecting the Right EDI Solution Partner

Evaluating solution providers is just as important as choosing the EDI solution itself. Choose a provider that knows your industry, accommodates implementation changes, and offers complete post-implementation support services.

Digital Origination
The importance of QC in preparing for the secondary market

Lenders always want to maintain a good level of liquidity across their portfolio. This means that once loans are funded, they will sell these portfolios to investors and the secondary market to bring back the capital in their business.

Artificial Intelligence
Optimize Your Inventory Using Predictive Machine Learning

Here is a common scenario for large retailers that operate dozens or hundreds of stores across large geographic regions.

Artificial Intelligence
Filling the missing middle: Practical steps towards AI-enhanced operations

A recent Wall Street Journal article highlights an emerging approach to business transformation. Instead of trying to displace their human workforce and replace it with faster, cheaper AI equivalents, a handful of leading businesses have chosen to use AI