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Why Title agents need to think of an integrated platform

Title agents play a key role in closing real estate transactions. They have to collaborate with mortgage lenders, buyers, sellers, underwriters, recording and tax jurisdictions and other third party entities

Artificial Intelligence
Machine learning to the rescue: Multi-model premium prediction for insurance companies

In order to set an optimal premium amount, insurance companies use actuarial methods to predict the size of actual claims that are expected to be submitted by their customers.

Artificial Intelligence
From Thought to Bot: The Rise of Commercial AI

Most people have heard that computer programs are getting “smarter”, and that very soon, artificial intelligence will impact nearly every facet of their lives. However, most people aren’t familiar with what modern-day AI is, and what it isn’t.

Google Searches and ML-Could Google Become Largest Inside Trading Platform Ever?

​​​​​​​Using the latest technology, overnight Google can position itself to leverage the use of big data to perform insider trading against public companies on an unprecedented scale with no government oversight.

What can lenders do to minimize risk at pre-funding?

Mortgages through banks or financial institutions have always been the conventional way for individuals for transacting in a real estate purchase transaction.