Business Partner Interface Automation

Corporate Profile:

One of the top three mortgage originator/servicer in the US.

Business Challenge:

Diverse set of business partners providing hundreds of services through a cumbersome set of interfaces.


Develop an “Integrated” web based interface with an open standard for ease of use, security and monitoring.


Significantly reduced data flow disruptions among the business partners and the customer.

Project Goals:

  • Business Partner Self Service Capability Via A Common Web Site
  • Development of a Common Batch Interface Protocol for Business Partners
  • Consolidate Current Business Partner Information into a Business Partner Database
  • Develop this Project with NO Specific Business Partner Side Software.

Business Partner Self Service Capability via A Common Web Site.

Self Service Capabilities included the following:

  • Coupling the common Business Partner Web Pages into the Existing Customer’s Web Site
  • Enhancing the Work Queues to support pushing tasks (possibly through delegation) to a specific Business Partner’s Work Queue. A Business Partner could:
  • View and complete tasks from their personal Work Queues.
  • Download groups of requests. Example: A Business Partner may want to download (and/or print) all eviction requests at one time via their personal Work Queue.
  • Upload sets of completed tasks via the common batch interface protocol.
  • Maintenance of a Business Partner’s personal information.
  • Address Information, Telephone Numbers, Contacts…
  • Access to certain loan specific information and calculation formulas. Examples could include:
  • The ability to Calculate Loan Reinstatements.
  • Visibility to Loan Pay-Off information.
  • The ability to print loan specific documents for loans which are related to this Business Partner. This may involve interaction between this project and the Document Control area.
  • Maintenance of Loan Specific information for which this Business Partner is responsible.
  • Lockout Codes, Lockout Dates…etc.

Develop A Common Batch Interface Protocol For All Business Partners.

This interface provided for an Attorney to effect multiple loans at one time by sending groups of information pertaining to tasks which are, or will be, completed at some specific date in time. Specific goals for the new protocol included:

  • Detaching the current batch interface process from the DPS system.
  • Enhancing the batch interface processes so that new business partners will NOT negatively impact the interface.
  • Consideration for some archival and/or auditing mechanism by which Customer may view the history of a Business Partner’s interaction with Customer via this interface.

Consolidate Current Business Partner Information into A Business Partner Database

  • Researched existing legacy database tables to discover the impact of consolidation.
  • Developed new Business Partner Database. This process may be relegated to Attorneys only.

Benefiting From The Freedom Of Internet -NO Software Installation For The Partners

By developing this project without client side software we eliminated the need to support:

  • Software enhancements.
  • Software maintenance.

Visionet Systems help on many fronts

Visionet Systems focuses on dramatically improving critical business processes by optimizing, enhancing, and seamlessly integrating existing infrastructure, processes, and technology. We have leveraged our extensive domain knowledge in Mortgage Banking, to streamline the massive in/out-flow of data from hundreds of business partners across the nation. This project is a solid example of Visionet’s expertise in integration and mortgage domain knowledge. We have the industry’s top tier Mortgage Banking organizations as part of our growing client list. To learn more about our mortgage banking application integration services and solutions, please contact us at the information provided below.