Apparel and Retail

Business Planning/Assortment Plan


A leading apparel soft goods designer and marketer of an extensive range of women’s and men’s fashion apparel and accessories ranging from casual to dressy.


The client required an assortment planning application that would allow creation of various assortment plan types (Strategic, Account, Divisional), perform top down, bottom up, and middle out assortment planning at both divisional and account level, and reconciliation of a divisional assortment plan to account plan to identify discrepancies.

The application was envisaged to provide features for micro-merchandizing (creating assortment plans specific to account door) for optimized product lines, and integration of merchandize financial planning process with assortment planning process.


Visionet Systems Inc. delivered the web based Business Planning System, a modified version of an earlier effort with a number of Mission Critical Enhancements. The workflow based system automated the entire plan creation, approval, and reconciliation process with a user friendly and practical solution that integrates seamlessly with other systems like manufacturing, POS, and ownership planning systems.


Improved overall profitability through better business planning and optimized production levels.