Business Intelligence

Campaign Analytics

  • It is well known that the more targeted a campaign the more successful it will be.
  • With the information from the campaign analytics reports, marketing can develop more precise campaigns that target specific customers.
  • Best in class campaign management systems combine, campaign management and analytics together.
  • Develop and design campaigns with customer segmentation
  • Interface to e-mail partner for sending out emails and receiving the results
  • Measure campaign results, such as click through, sales generated, customer retention, etc.

Key elements of captured data

Campaign Analytics Key Elements

Campaign Dashboard

Campaign Analytics Campaign Dashboard

  • Click Sales – Measure the click sales generated by each campaign
  • Email Campaign Metrics – Measure various metrics such as bounce rate, did not open, conversions, click thrus, etc.
  • Campaign Analysis – In depth analysis of the campaign, measuring email effectiveness, customer retention and sales generated

Retention Dashboard

Campaign Analytics Retention Dashboard

  • Overall Retention Stats – Measures sales generated by a campaign for active, inactive and new customers
  • Change Analysis – Measures the retention change rates by campaigns
  • Trend Analysis – Measures retention metrics achieved during the life of the campaign.