CRM – Customer Relationship Management

Corporate Profile:

“Customer advocate”, operating in multiple states as a Correspondent and Table Funded lender.

Business Challenge:

Provide high-end service to B2B & B2C Customers, reduce operational costs and increase volume.

Loan Origination Solution

Develop an “Inverted” Contact Center integrated with a custom workflow loan origination system.


Increased origination volume by 56% in 60 days and standardized closing costs at $975 per loan from $1,500.

Project Goals:

The Mortgage Lender’s (‘Lender’) business model reduces the loan officers’ role, creating a direct link from Realtor to Funding institutions. Lender’s planned equity partnership with the nation’s top Realtors will generate referrals to their highly efficient, technologically advanced call center/Internet integration model. This model employs veteran mortgage professionals as the customers’ first and primary contact, ensuring superior customer service. Unlike the traditional and on-line mortgage models which rely heavily on refinancing to generate profits, the Lender’s business model is built on purchase business i.e. a business significantly less sensitive to interest rate fluctuations than the refinancing market.

Now the calls come through a call routing server based on the logic defined by Visionet to the selected POD i.e. a self-contained origination team. The calls as well as the screen with specific loan origination data can be transferred between the various members of the POD who are best suited to address a customer’s concern. Also, now the workflow driven origination process has quality checks built-in so as to minimize errors later in the closing and post closing phases of the cycle. The implementation of enterprise-inbound e-mail management system and chat functionality for the Borrowers and other origination stakeholders has reduced the call volume for service & support related calls and enhanced customer service.

Unique and Powerful solution for Loan Officers, Realtors and Borrowers

Visionet’s implementation of its Enterprise Mortgage Delivery (EMD) solution resulted in achieving the following goals in the short term:

  • An e-business platform of an off the shelf CRM package became the foundation for building a Borrower and Realtor focused business enterprise
  • The Origination cycle processes and workflows were the cornerstone for developing an enterprise-wide loan origination system
  • Increase in the loan origination volume from $40 million to $90 million in a matter of 2 months
  • Application user interface that enabled a Loan Officer in a ‘inverted’ call center to focus on the Borrower rather than completing a step in the Origination process
  • CTI integration technology helped in a team play from origination to loan approval as well as improving customer care/satisfaction
  • Better reporting and self service capabilities for the Borrower
  • Increase in commission “take-home” for the Realtor Partner and in reduced timeframe as well as enhanced customer loyalty

Visionet Systems help on many fronts

Visionet Systems focuses on dramatically improving critical business processes by optimizing, enhancing, and seamlessly integrating existing infrastructure, processes, and technology. We have leveraged our extensive domain knowledge in Mortgage Banking, to streamline the massive in/out-flow of data from hundreds of business partners across the nation. This project s a solid example of Visionet’s expertise in integration and mortgage domain knowledge. We have the industry’s top tier Mortgage Banking organizations as part of our growing client list.

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