EDI for Dynamics 365

EDI for Dynamics 365

Robust & Reliable EDI Technology for Dynamics 365

Visionet possesses key domain knowledge and years of experience in re-engineering/development and testing of various EDI solutions.

We are experts in EDI technology inbound & outbound transactions including Order Processing (850,860), ASN (856), Product Catalog (832) and Invoicing (810).

Our understanding of EDI technology standards (like ANSI X12, EDIFACT) as well as mappers / Integrators (like GEIS, Harbinger etc), are leveraged across the entire value chain. Additionally we build rules based EDI engines for processing logic. We have reengineered EDI Order Processing for two multi-billion dollar companies that captured process efficiencies leveraging dynamic trends in supply chain infrastructure.

We Re-engineer EDI at two Logical Levels:

  1. EDI Data Mapping layer:
  2. Data Mapping layer takes care of raw to structure conversion and mailbox handling

  3. EDI Data Processing Layer:
  4. Data Processing layer takes care of business logic

EDI for Dynamics 365