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EDI Technology Data Mapping Inbound Order

Visionet understands various EDI technology inbound & outbound ransactions including order processing (850,860), ASN (856), Product Catalog (832) and Invoicing (810). We have reengineered EDI order processing for two multi-billion dollar companies for efficiency and featuring dynamic trends in supply chain infrastructure.

Whether it is Inbound or Outbound EDI transaction we have the solid understanding of EDI technology standards (like ANSI X12, EDIFACT) as well as mappers / Integrators (like GEIS, Harbinger etc). We also excel in building rules based EDI engines for processing logic.

We reengineer EDI at two logical levels:

  1. EDI Data Mapping layers:
    Data Mapping layer takes care of raw to structure conversion and mailbox handling
  2. EDI Data Processing Layer:
    Data Processing layer takes care of business logic


Visionet’s Robust & Reliable EDI Technology Software Solution & Services

Visionet Systems can assist you in building a secure EDI foundation which is robust, configurable and manageable. EDI should lower manual involvement and mistakes instead of increasing them.

EDI technology implementation and EDI technology solution setup once within your IT infrastructure with ease, EDI technology operations minimal support, no technical help required

EDI Technology provides cost effective IT support services

We can assist you in building a secure EDI foundation which is robust, configurable and manageable. Electronic Data Interchange should lower manual involvement and mistakes instead of increasing them.

Case Study:

CLIENT: A multi-billion dollar marketer of apparel and recreational camping products, and a leading developer of branded products and proprietary brand programs for major retailers.

CHALLENGE:The company’s current EDI process, running on its ERP system, was becoming slower and less robust for increased volume of transactions from a variety of business partners. Unless scalability and agility was improved, the company would not be able to meet its growth projections.

Visionet Systems was asked to optimize and enhance the EDI technology architecture based on the company’s:

  • In-depth experience with ERP and SCM systems for the apparel industry
  • Knowledge of the EDI standards and transaction processes
  • EDI technical expertise

SOLUTION:Visionet team analyzed the EDI inbound architecture and engineered a solution that leverages all of the features, security and functionality of an existing EDI process and improved them with the speed, convenience and flexibility. The new EDI architecture was designed for parallel processing of queued transactions with no user intervention to advance productivity. Functionality is incorporated to handle the organization’s critical business requirements like:

  • Automatic Prepack determination and best fit matching
  • Deterministic evaluation of shipping dates based on customers routing setup
  • Real time inventory updates for prepacks
  • Regional product pricing & shipping preference
  • Archiving order transmissions and logs
  • Improved EDI order maintenance capabilities

RESULTS:The solution came up with improved EDI performance in order processing and the ability to access information more conveniently. This led to the following benefits for the client:

  • Ability to service a greater number of transactions per unit time
  • Improved accuracy of reporting to EDI services for inbound transactions
  • Reduced business process maintenance and operational hardware costs
  • Respond to trading partners needs of having the right products in their stores at the right time

ROI: 6 month payback on the investment