Enterprise Integration Using BizTalk


Orchestrate all internal and B2B interfaces using Microsoft BizTalk platform

The Challenges:

  • Custom interfaces – a myriad of interfaces between in-house applications running on disparate applications platforms ranging from Client/Server, Web-based to Mainframe systems
  • Interfaces with customers did not provide uniform functionality – certain customers were not able to use some of the services that the organization had to offer
  • Some transactions between the organization and its customers were not linked to the order requests creating accounting problems
  • Multiple interface mechanisms used for interfaces with customers using multiple applications resulting in duplicate transactions – resulting in confusion and delays in order processing
  • Lack of coherent and consistent business rules implementation across the platform
  • Changes to the existing interfaces were cumbersome and laborious
  • Roll out of changes to the interface was complex and time consuming

Key Business Functions Impacted:

  • Credit reporting ordering for originators
    • Interfaces with customer loan origination systems
    • Interfaces with credit bureaus
  • Appraisal orders
  • Title policy orders
  • Loan Closings
  • Flood Insurance orders

Transaction Volumes

More than 10,000 requests daily

Key Objectives:

  • Adopt an Enterprise integration platform for interfaces definition and management
  • Conform to industry standards around data exchange using:
    • Web-Services
    • Industry standard data exchange formats such as MISMO XML for various transactions
  • Enhance internal systems to use Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for orders processing
  • Simplify operations management for customer orders
  • Simplify interface upgrades and deployment


  • Adopt Microsoft BizTalk, Windows SharePoint Services, and InfoPath technologies to seamlessly integrate system interfaces, end users and system administrators for better functioning B2B interfaces
  • Multiple BizTalk maps created to map client requests to internal proprietary schema and vice versa
  • Developed BizTalk orchestrations to manage the order transactions between the organization and its business partners and customers
  • Configured BizTalk pipes for file format interpretations
  • Web Service wrapper to assign tasks to individuals based on payload received on MSMQ and Active Directory
  • Request Forms generated and published using SharePoint Content Management to allow adding / editing of requests on the fly
  • Load balancer to balance request loads on BizTalk servers
  • SQL Notification Service to email and notify approval or work task owners or request status to users
  • Integration with Blackberry to allow approval task owners to approve requests while away from the desk
  • SQL Reporting service for report generation


  • Microsoft .Net based web-applications Oracle 10g Database
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005
  • Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services, Microsoft InfoPath