Apparel and Retail

ERP Retail System Enhancements


A leading authorized dealer for wireless phone and data products with more than 50 brick and mortar stores and an online retail portal.


The client’s existing e-commerce website was providing degraded performance due to the highly increased number of visitors. Additionally, the client required increased flexibility for its sales and marketing personnel dealing with online orders, allowing them to make special promotional offers to various clients on special occasions and also to launch quick offers to meet sales targets. The client also required a way to manage information about the handling of customer orders and queries through its call center.

In addition, the scope required support and maintenance services for LS Retail management solution. All this information was required to be integrated with the client’s central ERP system (MS Navision).


Visionet Systems Inc. delivered a highly scalable re-programmed website using Microsoft .NET and SQL Server platform that enabled the client to effectively handle the high frequency of visitors. An integrated Offer Management System provided a full set of features for sales personnel to enjoy a high level of flexibility in making special offers to buyers. The Call Center module allowed the client to manage and track all sales related calls for improved management and control.

Leveraging its retail domain knowledge, and partnerships with Microsoft and Landsteinar Strengur, Visionet Systems Inc. is proving exceptional support and maintenance services to its client for LS Retail, and MS Navision.


A 30% increase in retail sales over previous years, improved customer experience, satisfaction, and retention.