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Today more than ever, organizations focus on reducing IT cost while continuing to ensure productivity gains and process improvements. Investing in digital technologies aligned with enhanced customer experiences enable companies to identify new opportunities for growth and improved performance.

Harness real-time, context-sensitive consumer trends to outthink your competitors and corner the CPG market

Leaders in IT consistently point to the following three customer-focused business objectives as guides to their IT investment strategies:

  • Providing the right information to the right person at the right time
  • Discovering better ways to interact with customers
  • Delivering new services and products to customers

Consumers have embraced social platforms and mobile technologies, and this provides a new digital toolkit for Consumer Product companies. Consumers provide detailed, real-time data about their buying behavior, including what, where, when, and even why they make purchases. Gaining an understanding of these trends through the medium that your customers know best and use most will drive success. CPG organizations can continue to grow and retain wallet share by closing the loop via social discussion, analytics, digital campaigning, coupons, and other promotional efforts.

Visionet is at the forefront of helping CPG companies achieve success with technology. Working with some of the world’s best-known brands, Visionet provides expertise in all aspects of the digital commerce ecosystem. From website creation, administration, and support to content and asset management, e-commerce engine deployment, integration, and analytics, our solution engineers help you reach your customers more effectively by bridging the digital divide.


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CPG and distribution solutions
    Dynamics 365 for CPG

    Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s latest Cloud-based CRM solution for Sales, Marketing, Operations, and much more. Visionet applies decades of CPG expertise to tailor a Dynamics 365 implementation that works best for you.

    AcuitySpark for CPG

    AcuitySpark presents clear and concise overviews and summaries of business reports and performance indicators.