Foreclosure Sales Order System Enhancement


One of the nation’s largest mortgage bankers. It originates, purchases, securitizes, sells and services home loans.


To grow into new regions, while meeting the legislative requirements that vary significantly from state to state, the company needed to enhance its Foreclosure Sales Order system.

Visionet Systems was asked to redesign the system making it more generic and to optimize the workflow system. Visionet was selected for the project because of its

  • Reputation of high quality people specializing in diverse technologies
  • Knowledge of the mortgage banking industry
  • Ability to incrementally enhance and redesign the system
  • Ability to provide quick return on investment without disrupting operation.


Visionet team analyzed and optimized the existing application. The team also integrated the enhanced application into the front-end web site to provide real-time/dynamic access to data.


The client’s results were:

  • Accelerated the time the business could expand into new states by 9 months
  • Brought dramatic improvement in regularity compliance and timeliness/quality of
  • Correspondence protected investment in existing software/hardware infrastructure
  • ROI: 6 month payback on the investment