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Implementation of Dynamics AX For Indus Homes Limited


Indus Homes Limited (IHL) is a leading Towel & Home Textile Manufacturing textile and export company that specializes in producing greige and finished terry cloth and other textile products.

Scope of Engagement:

We helped the client in the following business areas:

  • Financials
  • Supply Chain
  • Manufacturing
  • Master Planning
  • Payroll

Customer’s Pain Points:

Our client’s Sales & Marketing module wasn’t available in the previously existing system which hindered in streamlining all the tasks.  General Ledger (GL) was completely disintegrated from Inventory, procurement & manufacturing. Sample Costing, Construction sheet and make or buy analysis was being executed manually for all new products. The manual data entry, particularly for inventory issuance and consumption processes were redundant. Moreover, the real-time on-hand inventory information wasn’t available that principally is essential for making production plans. The resource capacity management wasn’t integrated with master planning. There were some critical inventory issues that included misplaced inventory and mismanaged tracking. Taking care of manual calculations amidst other tasks running side-by-side took a lot more effort and time than anticipated. Our client was handling all the taxation and deduction calculations and payroll adjustments manually. Furthermore, all the reports were generated manually and there was a lack of integrated visibility within the departments that revealed overall business operations being taken care of.

Because of the manual nature of the processes, it was comparatively slow, susceptible to inaccuracy, and often required frequent follow-ups. Additional personnel or software applications were required for data verification, data entry, and fixing any errors they discovered, which increased operational costs and made vendor management highly challenging.

VSI Solution:

IHL was using different software applications for different business areas and some of them were completely manual e.g. Sales & Marketing. Departments had no integrated visibility of the overall business and reports were being generated manually. Production plans, material requisitions & material issuances were completely manual which required lots of paperwork, sign-off on hard copies and MS Excel calculations. Production managers had no visibility of inventory movements and actual vs. planned consumption analysis.

Visionet Systems consultants not only captured their complete business process requirements but also played an important role in the reengineering of IHL’s business processes. Redundant processes, communication gaps and grey areas were identified and thoroughly discussed and modified accordingly.

IHL is using modern machinery and equipment to monitor efficiency, uses handheld devices to track inventory movements. Visionet System integrated their machines and handheld devices with Dynamics AX for fully automated and real time data capturing. Purpose defined role centers, KPIs and system generated reporting ensures that IHL’s business processes are now fully integrated and management has complete visibility of the overall business.

As a result of a flawless implementation of Microsoft Surestep Methodology properly, well documented business processes, intensive trainings and complete process coverage, IHL has become a successful Dynamics AX 2012 implementation with highest client satisfaction.

Business Benefits:

By completely integrating the ERP System, our client was successfully able to execute various work processes in a collaborative environment and cut-down any maintenance cost associated with hiring an additional resource to administer the tasks. With real-time inventory tracking, the reporting practice became easier and manageable. Our system-administered payroll calculations and generation enabled them to take care of the financials effectively. The system generated master planning process that involved forecasts, demands, and resource capacity & inventory levels became convenient to oversee and track in a timely manner.