Implementation of EAI Solutions at a Leading Women’s Clothing retailer

Visionet has worked with a leading retailer and direct marketer of women’s classic apparel, shoes and accessories, known for providing gracious service and a quality selection of timeless wardrobe essentials in a broad range of sizes. The company’s main transactional systems are based on highly customized heterogeneous legacy platforms involving point to point integrations supported by COBOL programs.

The Challenges:

The legacy environments and lack of integration architecture was causing significant problems in day to business operations. The point to point integrations and lack of standardization in integration patterns was also causing hindrance in initiatives for modernizing the enterprise systems. Some of these challenges included:

  • Inconsistencies in data across multiple systems causing problems in order fulfilment
  • Sluggish and sometimes manual intervention needed to complete business processes
  • Repetitive point to point interfaces causing excessive load on infrastructure.
  • Extremely difficult to replace legacy systems with more modern alternatives
  • Diminishing staff that understands the legacy application and old integrations

Addressing these challenges was among the key drivers for the enterprise middleware modernization initiative. As result, the company’s Executive Management developed a long term vision of gradually replacing these high maintenance legacy systems with Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) applications.

In order to implement this vision, Visionet’s EAI architecture consulting team was engaged to carry out the detail analysis of existing systems and infrastructure at the company. Visionet’s team conducted an extensive study and made recommendations on the suitable technology options, enterprise middleware architecture and implementation roadmap. During the study, Visionet’s team worked closely with the client’s IT, business teams and vendors to plan, architect and implement highly repeatable Integration processes and patterns.

Highlights of the Implemented Solution:

The key highlights of the proposed and implemented solution are as follows:

  • Visionet provided turnkey key solution encompassing strategy, architecture, deployment, design, development and rollout.
  • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) architecture was used as foundational component to convert point to point connections among the company’s legacy systems to loosely coupled integrations.
  • BizTalk Server 2013 ESB Toolkit was used to integrate legacy systems into the Enterprise Data bus ensuring data availability.
  • TradeStone Software – Purchase Order system was integrated by Visionet EAI team with the clothing stores company’s systems to help replace an in-house legacy purchase order system without any significant changes to the Legacy systems as proof of the overall architecture.
  • Enterprise Service Bus architecture ensured that any effort of bringing system into the service bus was reusable for any future data needs.
  • Visionet implemented highly repeatable Integration processes and patterns.