Business Intelligence

Inventory Analytics (Multichannel)

  • Inventory Analytics gives visibility into the state of inventory across all channels
  • Knowing this critical information allows merchants and marketing to manage product life cycles, purchasing and promotions in a timely manner in order to maximize the sales during the peak of the season.
  • Organizations have to put in place complex and expensive solutions and integrations in order to attain this level of visibility
  • Division of Inventory in Fall, Spring, Holidays, Year Long buckets
  • Division of Inventory as In Season & Out of Season
  • Having Information about Inventory State like
  • Sellable, Non Sellable, Liquidation, Work In Process
  • Categorizing into “Productive, Less Productive, Not Productive”

Key elements of captured data

Inventory Analytics Key Elements

Inventory Dashboard

Inventory Analytics Dashboard

  • Stock Report – Daily Inventory status by season, store, brand, geography, etc.
  • Store wise stock position
  • Season wise stock position

Inventory Detail

Inventory Analytics Inventory Details

  • In-depth Inventory Analysis – Provides detailed view of the status of inventory and season, by geography, store, etc.