Business Intelligence

Margin Analytics by Product

  • Margin Analytics gives visibility into the contributing margin of the products sold
  • This information is critical to determine which products are to be carried or dropped and their pricing
  • Measure the revenue generated, cost of goods sold, and cost of sale.
  • Calculate the contributing margins, by merchants, store, brands, departments, etc.
  • Measure top and bottom performers
  • Gain visibility into the product life cycle contributing margin

Key elements of captured data

Margin Analytics Key Elements

Margins Dashboard

Margin Analytics Dashboard

  • Shipped versus Returns
  • Overall return rates
  • Sales revenue and costs
  • All viewable by stores, merchants, brands, departments, products, etc.

Performance Dashboard

Margin Analytics Performance Dashboard

  • Top 10 & Bottom 10 performers’ detailed analysis
  • Slice data by brands, geographies, stores, departments, merchants, etc.