Mortgage Origination Data Sweeping

One of our mortgage customers needed a robust system to perform existing data capture from filed brokers and integrates the process as described below:

Global business solutions require systems integration of new technologies (systems or components), legacy systems, and data sources. In such complex systems, there are always gaps or “white spaces” and some custom code development must be done to complete the systems integration work.

Visionet’s experience across a number of large enterprise application integration projects is that global enterprises face a consistent set of issues:

  • Enterprise application integration projects are complex and costly. 80% of the cost is in specialist resources.
  • No good way to guarantee end-to-end high availability, security, data integrity.
  • Little or no consideration given to maintainability and on-going operations.
  • Nearly impossible to work across different EAI tools.

Leveraging its institutional knowledge of global e-business systems integration, Visionet uses a XML based rich set of software components that:

  • Provide a consistent and standards based API (e.g. supports JMS – plans to extend to .NET)
  • Package enterprise class functionality (e.g. single sign-on, central configuration interface, high availability, systems monitoring)
  • Middleware connectors to enable multiple EAI tools to work together (e.g. TIBCO, MQ, Vitria)

The benefits for global enterprise solutions are very clear:

  • Addresses heterogeneity and fragmentation across the global enterprise (e.g. nested supply chain across enterprise boundaries)
  • Supports web services model to create targeted vertical solutions by combining best of breed components
  • Shortens implementation time and speed times to market
    • Provides domain aware components
    • Respects and extends existing security
    • Integrates reliability and fail-over mechanisms (e.g. high availability
  • Reduces dependency on custom coding, outside consultants and systems integrators
    • Provide a library of commonly used services so development time is reduced
    • Complex functions are already developed in the library thus no need for experts
  • Proactively addresses operations and maintenance needs
    • Monitoring and debugging capability allows easy maintenance
  • Enables interoperability with other middlewares to avoid one vendor lock in

Next Step

The VOR or Visionet Optimization Review helps our clients understand and articulate their data access and integration needs and to define a process for data capture and integration. The VOR process further enables Visionet to identify existing technologies that a client has and recommend improvements based on our extensive knowledge of mortgage processes and systems acquired over the years by working with the top tier mortgage lending institutions in the country.