Apparel and Retail

Order Fulfillment


A leading designer and marketer of an extensive range of women’s and men’s fashion apparel and accessories ranging from casual to dressy.


The company installed an ERP system for the apparel industry that did not have the capability to handle pre-packs, orders containing a variety of SKUs that comprised a single style. Because shipments are frequently made to retailers with multiple sizes and colors, if the new system wasn’t able to process pre-packs, 30% of the company’s sales were at risk of not being accepted by retailers. In-house resources were not capable of completing the enhancements needed to the new system in the time required to meet business demands.

Visionet Systems was asked to add a custom application for pre-pack functionality to the new ERP system based on its:

  • Reputation of high quality people
  • Knowledge of apparel supply chain systems
  • Ability to quickly implement technically complex projects


Visionet worked with a team from the client to review the order fulfillment and sourcing processes and designed the functionality to handle pre-packs and integrated it with the ERP system. Visionet delivered the completed software ahead of schedule, which allowed the implementation of the ERP system software to proceed without delay.


Visionet completed the project ahead of schedule for a dramatic impact on the client’s business:

  • Protected sales of $900 million
  • Prevented the addition of $2.35 million in labor costs
  • ROI: one month payback on the investment