Release Tracking

Release Tracking

Being the top 50 mortgage technology and an award winning BPO services company that provide “end to end” solutions from “typing to closing” to title companies. Visionet is also currently working with top MSP’s, and handling 20% of all Lien releases in the country. Our product’s name is Visi-Release.

Salient Features of Visi-Release

  • Enables mortgage servicers to create and record lien release documents for loans at the end of their lifecycle
  • Visi-Release improves efficiency, shortens timelines, reduces risk and lowers costs for servicers utilizing the system
  • It is a ground up web based platform has the largest eRecording network
  • There will be no DISRUPTION while moving from DOCX platform
  • We will offer custom reporting if required
  • We will price it on a transaction basis

We can offer you two options:

  • We can do end to end release processing including wet signatures – we have our abstract network as well
  • We can offer the hosted solution with data entry – check prep/mailing by you ONLY


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