BI & Analytics

It is information that drives business – not raw data. No matter how immense the data repositories at your disposal, they will only yield effective results when organized, summarized and interpreted in ways that truly serve your interests. Instead of relying on conventional methods of data analysis, requiring painstaking manual compilation by several staff members, leading retailers in industries like Fashion and CPG use retail business Intelligence software & analytics technologies. Successful businesses rely on BI & Analytics to automate analysis, summarization, and presentation of critical business information, financial forecasting, and measures of operational performance.

AcuitySparkIlluminating business insights and summaries for true visionaries

AcuitySpark, Visionet’s cloud-based business intelligence and analytics solution, empowers retailers by implementing powerful tracking and analysis tools for their business that can be accessed anywhere, from any device. Quick to deploy and available as a web-based, per-user monthly service, AcuitySpark scales to match the requirements of your organization, and requires none of the expensive on-site hardware or software installations found in other BI implementations.

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Tools and technologies used for risk mitigation and information analysis

Oracle Business Intelligence
SAP BusinessObjects
Tableau Software
Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services

ETL TrackSuperior data architecture and accurate analytics for maximum ROI

With poorly designed BI target databases populated with inaccurate data, even the most sophisticated OLAP tools will fail to deliver positive results. As an Informatica partner, Visionet has provided its clients with consultancy and implementation services for two decades. Our ETL experts help you accomplish data management goals, modernize your data architecture, and fulfill advanced analytics and application integration requirements. Visionet’s value proposition for ETL track includes:

  • Informatica partner and authorized reseller
  • Providing services to Informatica clients since 2008
  • Successfully delivered various ETL implementation projects
  • Technical expertise around ETL Architecture, Data Quality,
    Data Cleansing, Change Data Capture (CDC),
    Master Data Management (MDM), and Data Security
  • Skilled team in sizing, installing and configuring
    Informatica Servers
  • Ongoing maintenance and support services for
    Informatica ETL
  • Experience in working with various systems like SQL Server,
    Oracle, Teradata, IBM Netezza, Social Media, and File Object

MDM TrackOptimal master data management for enhanced data accuracy and availability

Master data are the critical nouns of a business, which generally fall into four groupings: people, things, places, and concepts. Further categorizations within those groupings are called subject areas, domain areas, or entity types.

It is possible to achieve immense benefits by consolidating and synchronizing similar data generated from different applications. By implementing a robust and effective Master Data Management strategy, all subject areas from various sources can be brought together and maintained as a single version of the truth, eliminating costly duplication and inconsistency in your enterprise data.

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Our Clients Pinnacle Work Done MDM Stategy & Roll Out

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Best practices and quality control standards
    The Open Group Architecture Forum

    An enterprise architecture framework that provides guidelines for the design, planning, implementation, and governance of information technology architecture.

    Universal Data Element Framework

    An enterprise-level framework that recommends information indexing standards and promotes semantic interoperability across organizations.

    GS1 Global Product Classification

    A hierarchical set of standards that helps companies around the world classify and categorize products using a consistent taxonomy.

    International Organization for Standardization

    The primary global organization responsible for the international promotion of various proprietary, industrial and commercial standards.