Digital Origination Services

Visionet Systems Inc. has been developing and deploying high-value, productivity-enhancing technology solutions and services for over twenty years. Visionet Origination Services (VOS) are driven by in-depth domain knowledge and cutting-edge technology like auto-indexing, data extraction, auto-email, click-to-call, and mobile reporting, which combine seamlessly to enhance your origination operations. Use of deployment accelerators and adherence to industry best practices allow Visionet to roll out VOS throughout your organization with minimal time and effort, and at optimal cost.

Processing Support

  • Indexing Services: Combined with white-glove validation services, our OCR-enabled document auto-indexing and splitting services ensure 99.5% accuracy and a significant reduction in processing time.
  • Loan Setup: To maximize your loan officers’ productivity, we validate and update 1003 forms in your LOS and prepare and send Initial Disclosures before your loan officers begin their workday.
  • Loan Processing and Vendor Ordering: Significantly improve the customer experience and enjoy rapid turnaround times using our cost-effective overnight services, including complete loan coordination, vendor ordering, document review, LOS reconciliations, calculations, and pre-approval DU/LP submission.
  • Broker Price Opinion Procurement and Review: Our built-in service procures broker’s price opinions for origination and other processes by contacting approved and licensed real estate agents, reviewing responses, and updating your LOS.
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Underwriting Support

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  • Pre-Underwriting Support: We perform complete and comprehensive reviews, income calculation, credit reconciliation, asset verification and collateral reviews before submission to your underwriters to improve their productivity.
  • Pre-Funding QC: Our innovative digital QC platform can be customized to your specifications to ensure that every analyst across the globe uses the same pre-funding QC process with built-in business rules and submits a report to your mobile or web dashboard every day.
  • Post-Close QC: Our customizable compliance platform ensures that you conform to mandatory GSE guidelines by performing sample audits of closed loans from credit, collateral, closing, and compliance perspectives. Review compliance reports anywhere, any time, on any device.
  • Fraud Review: Expand your fraud prevention footprint. Perform in-depth audits, authenticate          documents, review red flags, and detect early payment defaults. Cut down on buybacks and bad loans using detailed fraud reviews that help you focus on specific customer segments in your portfolio.

Post-Close Services

  • Post-Close Indexing: Our combination of OCR-powered auto-indexing and document splitting services and white-glove data verification help your organization improve accuracy and turnaround times.
  • Compliance Review: Review disclosed loan estimates and closing disclosures (CD) to identify changes in circumstances. Submit loan files for compliance checks and take action on compliance failures indicated in detailed reports.
  • Trailing Docs Support: Our trailing document follow-up services help you manage document logs and status queues, resulting in fewer penalties in your secondary market operations. Email reminders, click-to-call, priority lists, customized reports, and other innovative digital technologies help you automate follow-up activities and comply to 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day rules.
  • HMDA Reporting: Automatically capture and view reports on HMDA data points according to all the latest regulations and requirements.
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Secondary Market Support

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  • Pre-Purchase Reviews with Auto-Indexing and Data Extraction: Perform complete pre-purchase reviews of closing packages to significantly improve accuracy and turnaround time. We use OCR technology to auto-index documents, and then perform white-glove validation to achieve up to 99.5% accuracy. Data is extracted from loan packages to calibrate with available tape.
  • Loan Boarding (Investor LOS): Significantly improve your team’s ability to capture loan-level details in the investor’s LOS. The scope of this service also include reconciliation of data with the origination AUS and CD, and submitting loans for compliance checks through Mavent, ComplianceEase, or similar services.
  • Due Diligence Support: Assess borrowers’ ability and willingness using collection comments and payment history, and analyze collateral from updated title and compliance reviews based on closing documents.

Visionet Digital Mortgage Origination Accelerators

The mobile channel has become an important channel for loan origination. According to Fannie Mae, the number of users using mobile as a key channel for researching/working for their home loans has doubled in a span of one year. Visionet’s Digital Mortgage Origination Accelerators consist of modular, white-labeled digital assets and services that help you leverage digital channels for mortgage origination. Our digital assets consist of a mobile app, a portal, and an omni-channel contact platform that align seamlessly with your existing technology landscape and digital roadmap.

Our digital assets are backed up by value-added services to ensure a smooth experience. Digital technology services include customization, installation, and maintenance that enable our digital assets to run with your existing technology landscape. Our mortgage domain experts provide digital business services, using their understanding of mortgage business processes to align our digital assets with your existing operational procedures.

Business Benifits

  • Consistent customer experience
  • Leverages existing investments
  • Reduced procurement time
  • Easy access to real-time information
  • Improves response time and conversion ratio
  • Higher efficiency and reduced cost
  • Transparency and visibility
  • Seamless operations

Key Features

  • Mobile document imaging: Scan and upload documents through mobile app
  • Pre-qualification: Check borrowers’ pre-qualification based on provided information
  • Application intake: Capture basic borrower and property information
  • Borrower coordination (omni-channel interface): Communicate additional documentation requirements and loan status
  • Analytics and reporting: detailed, fully customizable dashboards and reports