Mortgage Technology Solutions

Through its digitally powered services, Visionet helps mortgage businesses transform their operations and scale their business effectively. As a part of mortgage processing services, Visionet truly delivers digital disruption by offering ‘an industry first’. It is one of the very few companies offering ‘zero cost technology’ as a part of its solutions. The technology products complement Visionet’s top of the line mortgage outsourcing.

Visionet's mortgage origination services are driven by in-depth domain knowledge and cutting-edge technology like auto-indexing, data extraction, auto-email, click-to-call, and mobile reporting, which combine seamlessly to enhance your origination operations.

LoanVelocity – Mobile based Mortgage origination

e-Mortgages are in vogue and engaging the millennials is a priority for most lenders. Visionet’s Loan Velocity consists of modular, white-labeled digital assets and mortgage origination services that help you leverage digital channels for mortgage origination. With LoanVelocity from Visionet, lenders will be able to engage more effectively with the borrowers on a mobile platform, extending their reach. The solution can be white labelled and is currently available on Android and iOS. The solution also includes an omnichannel communications platform and top of the line mortgage outsourcing services to accelerate originations.

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Through its digitally powered services, Visionet helps mortgage businesses transform their business operations and scale their business effectively. Visionet truly delivers digital disruption by offering ‘an industry first’ with zero cost digital technology as part of their solutions.. The digital solutions like LoanVelocity truly complement Visionet’s top of the line mortgage outsourcing services.

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Mobile essentials that improve engagement and efficiency


  • Superior Borrower experience
  • Faster closing
  • Easy access to real-time information
  • Improves response time and conversion ratio
  • Most scalable industry solution and lowest cost
  • Transparency and visibility
  • Seamless operations
  • Leverages existing investments, extends reach to a large number of borrowers


  • Mobile document imaging: Scan and upload documents through mobile app
  • Pre-qualification: Check borrowers’ pre-qualification based on provided information
  • Application intake: Capture basic borrower and property information
  • Borrower coordination (omni-channel interface): Communicate additional documentation requirements and loan status
  • Analytics and reporting: detailed, fully customizable dashboards and reports

Digital QC

Several of our wholesale lender clients need complete pre-funding underwriting QC to ensure that they approve, and fund quality loans originated through third parties. Visionet’s Digital QC platform helps wholesale clients achieve this goal. Digital QC offers a completely customizable platform ensuring complete pre-funding underwriting QC. The platform ensures that every analyst follows the same QC process across the globe.

It tracks the analyst output in the background providing a mobile report every morning with a quick overview of the process. It also provides multiple other reports, which help our clients monitor performance of the team and plan appropriate training interventions for them.


  • Ensures Quality of Design and Quality of conformance.
  • Audit Worksheet and Checklist as approved by the client.
  • Checklist embedded in the platform to ensure uniform usage
  • Powerful real time dynamic dashboard reports, with complete trending and analysis
  • Easy to prevent future defects
  • Improved clarity at Pre-funding QC level


  • Machine learning based auto-indexing and book-marking
  • Auto Data integrity and Rule validations
  • Exception workflow handling
  • Integration framework
  • Modular checklist
  • Real time Trending Analytics
  • Auto Alerts and Notifications
  • Response Management


VisiLoanReview is an artificial intelligence-based specialized classification and OCR tool which has capability to learn. VLR is based on Microsoft .NET platform, uses a third party OCR technology (Nuance OCR) and integrates with the Omnipage capture SDK. Nuance OCR is a market leader in OCR technology.

Our core expertise is in configuring the OCR engine for Mortgage business rules. We have perfected mortgage applications on OCR over last several years and multiple implementations amounting to more than 100,000 orders per month. We have also configured AI algorithms into the tool which help to significantly accelerate the performance for our clients. We provide 99.5% accuracy in outputs from Day 1.

We specialize in areas such as indexing, data integrity tests etc. which are manpower and time intensive processes for most of our clients.


  • Improves Turn Around Time 60%
  • Reduces Resource Labor Cost by 50%
  • Improves Accuracy to 99%


  • Simultaneous Operations - Indexing, Data Extraction and Rule Validation can be initiated simultaneously through VisiLoanReview, OCR based Auto Indexing and Data Extraction, proprietary tool of Visionet
  • Improves with time - VisiLoanReview can be trained over a period of time to Auto Capture defined set of Data Points and Validate it per Business Rules for Data Integrity Check
  • Integration with existing systems - Data as captured and validated can be sourced in any desired format and can also flow into client’s LOS.