Servicing Account Reporting

Private label sub-servicing provide service to various mortgage clients. The sales and marketing division of these sub-servicers handles the relationship with each of its clients. As part of the relationship management the sales person responsible for the account usually produces a monthly report showing the activities related to his/her account(s).

The report consists of information regarding market analysis and/or relevant news/announcements relating to the market as a whole. The bulk of it, however, consists of analytical information showing high level statistics in tabular as well as graphical format relating to the account.

Problem Statement:

Producing these reports requires collecting data from a number of sources, including the servicing system, PBX logs, etc. Once the data is collected it needs to be put in a highly presentable format. In producing these reports a great deal of manual effort of the sales team is required. It is estimated that each Sales person is spending 10 – 15 hours per month on this activity. Hence the sales team could be consuming valuable time on this tedious task.

Proposed Solution:

In order to minimize the time spent by the sales team in producing these documents, Visionet could develop a software application to automate the process of collecting the data and creating the customer specific presentation. In addition, facilities could be provided to assist in putting together the first section of the report.

The solution provides reasonable flexibility in the presentation format by allowing end users to create and maintain presentation templates to suit their client’s needs.

The solution could save the sales team fifteen hours per month per account – fifteen more hours of selling!