Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint Migration

SharePoint Migration

Visionet has expertise in both Microsoft SharePoint and many modern and legacy platforms that are generally targeted for migration to SharePoint. Over the years, our experienced SharePoint migration team has provided consultation for and successfully delivered upon complex SharePoint migration projects.

  • SharePoint Upgrades
    Plan the upgrade and restructure the taxonomy and information architect, if required
  • SharePoint Migration
    Content from your existing SharePoint servers is migrated to a newer SharePoint release
  • Legacy Platform Migrations
    Content from legacy ECM platforms, Lotus Notes, FTP and file share is migrated to SharePoint

Visionet leverages upon its knowledge base, built from experiences over 20 years of successful solution implementation and follows mature processes, which assist our customers in minimizing the learning curves and communication gaps. It enables us to successfully accomplish a seamless SharePoint upgrade and/or migration that meets both the customer’s business and technical requirements.

Visionet’s approach to Migration Services:


To find out more about how Visionet’s SharePoint migration services can assist your organization with a seamless upgrade and migration to SharePoint 2013, please contact us today for a complementary assessment.


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