AcuitySpark for Grocers

By not understanding and analyzing data as a core decision making tool, some companies are severely limiting their ability to grow. Many omni-channel retail organizations also make the mistake of employing analytics in a piecemeal fashion, leading to inconsistent and inefficient results. Furthermore, organizations whose analytics capabilities lack forecasting and other forward-looking features will also find themselves at a major disadvantage. Today, every successful retail / grocers business requires well-planned technology that delivers cross-channel, predictive analytics.

IN-DEPTH RETAIL METRICSA thorough, diverse collection of KPIs and measures for retail and grocers organizations

AcuitySpark is an advanced BI & Analytics platform that provides critical, fact-based insights that helps business decision makers take effective action. Based on Microsoft Power BI and Azure SQL cloud technologies, our solution collects more than 2,500 data points from multiple sources, and continuously monitors the critical KPIs that matter to you the most. These essential company-wide insights help you improve speed to market, efficiency, and cost savings. In addition to these pre-built reports and dashboards, a comprehensive set of dimensions and measures also offers flexible, self-service BI. Here are just a few of the metrics tracked by AcuitySpark that inform critical business decisions:

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Daily Sales Flash
  • Day-level store performance summary
  • Key sales KPIs, including GM%, ADT, AUR, UPT
  • TY vs LY comparison for key KPIs
  • Top and bottom stores by sales
  • Hourly sales and GM trends
  • Drill-down options for time hierarchy
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Store Operations
  • Holistic view of daily store operations
  • Information with store-level drilling
  • Traffic counts and conversion rates
  • TY vs LY operational store analysis
  • Hourly sales, traffic, and conversion trends

BUSINESS BENEFITSTranslate real-time business insights into decisive action

Our clients use AcuitySpark to track store successes, forecast campaign outcomes, drive revenue growth, and manage costs. Its reports and dashboards offer retail companies many distinct advantages, including

  •   Better Margins

    Discover hidden connections in your customers’ buying habits, and stock your stores with the right products, at the right price.

  •   Targeted Marketing

    Know the impact of your weekly sales campaigns before they are rolled out. Adopt and sell the right products to your community.

  •   Store Performance

    Use insights into customer demographics and store sales history to support high-performing stores and create action plans that capitalize on emerging locations.

  •   Product Profitability

    Determine real product margins by analyzing purchase, discount, and retail prices.