Visionet’s CommerceLink solution allows modern retailers to quickly achieve omni-channel integration and unification between any of your exiting e-commerce platform and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations (Retail). By seamlessly and securely unifying your existing e-commerce solution with Dynamics 365 for Operations, CommerceLink eliminates error-prone, time-consuming manual integration between platforms and creates a unified system for centralized channel management.

SEAMLESS INTEGRATIONSeamlessly integrate any e-Commerce platform with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations

Designed to address the needs of omni-channel retailers, CommerceLink is cost effective, and allows for rapid implementation. CommerceLink takes full advantage of existing Dynamics 365 and e-commerce investments by placing no constraints on either systems. It intelligently keeps track of both platforms to deliver a streamlined cross channel experience for consumers.

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BENEFITS The advantages of near real-time synchronization between ERP and e-Commerce

CommerceLink facilitates delivering a consistent brand experience to consumers across channels by helping achieve total Omni-Channel integration of Dynamics 365 for Operations (Retail ERP) and e-commerce functionality. The key advantages include:

  • Accurate inventory visibility across ecommerce and retail stores
  • Order online, pickup from store or shipment orders
  • Omni-channel management across online and store channels
  • Centralized order management
  • Customer profiles integration across channels
  • Unified loyalty program
  • Shared Gift Card
  • Payment integration across channels
  • Centralized fulfilment through Dynamics 365 Operations
  • Product information management across channels
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