Mortgage Recordings, Releases & Assignments

Visionet provides document recording services nationwide offering a scalable and effective solution customized to each clients need. Our economical solution is designed to ensure the highest quality of service. We provide access to the most effective methods to record documents including electronic recording (e-recording), direct mail and walk-in services.

Recording and eRecording Services

Our custom tailored solution includes:

  • Experienced staff to assist with calculating or correcting recording fees, taxes and prepare county specific requirements designed to ensure timely recordings and minimal rejections.
  • Access to the industry’s leading e-Recording vendors to ensure the largest coverage available.
  • A nationwide and extensive network of providers for walk-in services.
  • Quality control to ensure documents submitted for recording meet county specific recording requirements.
  • Leading technology solutions to track, manage and ensure compliance with recording deadlines.
Recording and eRecording Services

Our Clients Old Republic Work Done Mortgage Recordings (electronic and paper)

Lien Release Preparation

Release Tracking

Being a top 50 mortgage technology and an award winning BPO services company that provide “end to end” solutions from “typing to closing” for title companies, lenders and services, with years to Release Tracking experience:

  • Enables mortgage servicers to create and record lien release documents for loans at the end of their lifecycle
  • VisiRelease improves efficiency, shortens timelines, reduces risk and lowers costs for servicers utilizing the system
  • Supports all e-Recording Platforms
  • There will be no DISRUPTION while moving from DOCX platform
  • We will offer custom reporting if required
  • Available on a subscription, or transactional pricing model

We can offer you two options:

  • Visionet can handle your end to end release processing, removing the headaches from your organization
  • Visionet can also provide this as a SaaS model.