Title & Appraisal Outsourcing Services

Visionet has over 10 years of experience supporting the Title & Settlement industry. Organizations of all sizes have benefited from the Title & Settlement outsourcing capabilities offered by our team of thousands of experienced personnel, located in five centers of operation across the globe.

Visionet’s services increase quality, lower costs, and move costs to a more efficient variable model

We promote business growth by linking costs to the number of orders processed instead of charging a flat rate.

Below are just a few of the services we can greatly improve for your organization:

  • Abstractor Chasing and Tracking
  • Title Searches Services
  • Specialized Searches (Tax Research, Judgement and Bankruptcy Searches)
  • Lien Clearances
  • Commitment Typing
  • Loan Payoff Services
  • Fee Sheet Creation/Typing
  • Closing Disclosure Typing
  • Closing Schedule and Coordination
  • Post-Closing Audits
  • Recording Services
  • Document Retrieval
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Our Clients Weichert Realtors Work Done Title Search, Typing