Title, Settlement and Appraisal Workflow

The AtClose suite is a cloud-based title closing software for automating appraisal, title, and settlement processes.

AtClose Settlement Process

CLOSING AUTOMATIONRevolutionizing Title & Settlement service automation

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Our Clients American Title Work Done End-to-end Title and Settlement Management

AtClose simplifies and efficiently organizes complicated processes by offering automated workflows and a robust vendor management solution that is directly integrated with all major lenders and vendors in the pre- and post-closing ecosystem. This title closing software offers essential accounting capabilities, advanced document generation, detailed reporting, and provides separate secure web portals for clients and vendors.

A robust, automated workflow and vendor management solution that is directly integrated with all major lenders and vendors.

DELIVERY PLATFORMChoose cloud or on-site deployment for an AtClose setup that’s right for you

As a cloud application, AtClose users can access their Title & Settlement information from any browser – anywhere, anytime, and from any device. Since no special hardware or software installations are required, AtClose on the cloud yields excellent ROI. To accommodate businesses with special regulatory or security requirements, AtClose real estate closing software is also offered as an on-premises deployment, allowing the client complete control over security and compliance.


Key Features

Improve accuracy, reduce repetition, improve vendor relations, and save time with the powerful Title & Settlement features in the AtClose real estate title software suite:

  • Business process automation for appraisal
  • Title & Settlement processing
  • Search automation
  • Post-close automation
  • Recording automation
  • Underwriter management and automation
  • Vendor management
  • Detailed reporting
  • Dynamic, template-based document generation system
  • Separate systems and portals for clients and vendors
  • Open framework for processing system integration
  • Workflow management

Why AtClose?

By implementing AtClose, many businesses in the Title & Settlement industry have significantly improved their bottom line. AtClose real estate closing software includes conveniently pre-configured data for the nation’s top underwriters, which expedites document preparation. With its high level of customizability, our suite of solutions adapts to the specific operational processes of your business, significantly reducing closing time. This combination of value, ease of use, adaptability, and performance makes AtClose an ideal choice for Title & Settlement businesses of any size.

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