Visi Invoice Management

High invoice volumes from multiple vendors make vendor payments a challenge for retailers and grocers. Duplicate invoices, long payment cycles, and manual invoice matching cause errors and increase costs. Visionet has developed VIM to optimize vendor and invoice management.

INVOICE AUTOMATIONBreak free from manual invoice processing

VIM records, manages, and tracks invoices and payments, delivering real-time information and improving invoice payment visibility. It integrates Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 with a self-serve OCR portal for customers and vendors, allowing them to submit invoices directly to Dynamics AX.

Visi Invoice Management (VMI)

CORE FEATURESStreamline your vendor payment workflow

  • Automatically validate and match invoices with purchase orders and Goods Receivable notes.
  • Submit validated data for approval using configurable workflow processes.
  • Quickly forward approved invoices for payment or further processing.
  • Easily review unmatched data for manual validation.
  • Receive timely invoice status updates from Dynamics AX.
  • Implement role-based security and permissions.

KEY BENEFITSSave time, reduce effort, improve accuracy, and keep vendors happy

  •   Automatic cross-checking

    Invoices are automatically validated against purchase orders and Goods Received notes, eliminating delays and human error.

  •   Efficient approval process

    Invoice approval workflows and user notifications reduce time-consuming follow-ups.

  •   No redundant data

    By tracking each invoice’s status, VIM eliminates duplication, reducing payment errors and time spent locating invoices.

  •   Improved vendor relationships

    VIM shows vendors each invoice status in real time, resulting in stronger business relationships.

THE VISIONET ADVANTAGEMicrosoft best practices deployed by technology experts

The Visionet Advantage

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Visionet Systems leverages decades of experience with Microsoft technologies. Our automation solutions rely on machine learning and cloud technologies to optimize business operations. Our services include design, strategy, platform implementation, optimization, integration, customer service, and operations, delivering excellent results and unbeatable value.