Title & Escrow Platform Re-engineering


A leading Title and Escrow company

Existing Application

  • PowerBuilder (Windows Client Server)
  • Java/Sybase EA Server for Web Component
  • Fiorano for Middle Ware Solution
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • 1,000+ Reports
  • Licensed Technology

Gaps in the Existing Application / The Challenges

  • No Automated Workflow
  • No way to track KPI’s
  • No Business Rule Management System (BRMS)
  • No Business Intelligence
  • Back office application different to web application

Re-engineering Platform Key Objectives

  • Create a state of the art, scalable, thin client title and escrow system specifically designed for the Title company and our business processing
  • Enable electronic recordation and closing
  • Ability to change more radically and dynamically without requiring IT resources
  • Leverage Business Intelligence to revolutionize the way we monitor & report on/to employees and external partners
  • Monitor Performance and Benchmark Indicators in Real Time
  • Build the foundation for future enhancements, including secondary market and electronic signings
  • Change the overall dynamics of the industry by setting the standard for what a Title and Escrow Company should provide to its customers

Re-engineering Platform Technology

WebMethods Fabrics:

  1. BPM (Workflows)
  2. BAM (Process Optimization and Dashboard)
  3. Composite Application Framework (JSF & Portlet – JSR 168)
  4. Integration Server (WebServices and Integrations Services – SOA architecture)
  5. Trading Network (Integration with Business Partners)
  6. Central Site for Service Governance
  7. Cognos 8.0 for Reporting

Based on the Frameworks and Application Development by Visionet, our client has received the WebMethods Innovation Award at Integration World 2007 hosted by WebMethods & Software AG.

Impacted Business Lines

  • Title Production
  • Recording Production
  • Vendor Management
  • Settlement Services
  • Flood and Credit
  • Escrow Services
  • Appraisal Services
  • Compliance

Business Benefits

  • Enable electronic recordation and closing
  • Create client specific scalable, thin client title and escrow system
  • Leverage Business Intelligence
  • Real Time Performance Monitoring & Benchmark Indicators
  • Future enhancements for secondary market and electronic signings
  • Setting Industry Standards for Title and Escrow Company

Number of Users
Employees : 600
Clients : 4,080
Vendors : 5,664

Number of Concurrent Users
Employees : 500
Clients : 2,000+
Vendors : 3,000+

Project Duration
18 Months

Project Effort
110,000 Hours

Existing Application Line of Code
1.7 MLOC

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