Unified Commerce (Omni-Channel)

The Emergence of a Unified Commerce Model

Over the past several years, unified commerce’s emergence has been driven by the business necessity to integrate and synchronize every aspect of the retail/wholesale businesses, creating an exceptional customer experience to satisfy the 21st century, digitally and socially empowered consumer’s expectations. As a concept, unified commerce describes the idea of interconnecting the various, siloed software solutions into an integrated, centralized commerce solution platform suite, which shares information and ultimately offers an enhanced seamless user interface for the consumer. Unified commerce is a natural evolution from the omni channel retailing model, where you had many versions of the truth within the various systems. However in the unified commerce world, you now have 360 degree real time visibility to all customer interactions.

Why Visionet for Unified Commerce

With seemingly unlimited information, power, and expectations, digitally and socially connected consumers dictate and increasingly control the terms of engagement with retailers. Consumers are expecting a far seamless shopping experience among all the various retail shopping channels, mobile, the Web, and traditional brick-and-mortar. Visionet’s unified commerce platform solutions enable your organization to not only better understand and engage with your customers, but will empower you to establish and grow the integrated, predictive analytics value chain to optimize your sales and margin, as well as provide transformative customer experiences. By combining our industry leading consulting, strategy, implementation and technology capabilities, Visionet provides a globally supported, flexible, agile, and unified commerce solution which, empowers B2C and B2B organizations to not only meet, but exceed their customers evolving expectations.

At Visionet, we provide a one stop shop for providing all unified commerce solutions, leveraging a flexible and scalable global delivery model, throughout the entire life cycle of your transformation, by the following execution strategies:

  1. Developing , integrated, scalable, reliable and, and secure unified commerce solution:
    The Visionet unified commerce solution brings together merchandising, digital e-commerce, order management, point-of-sale, store operations and predictive intelligence into an integrated platform
    • Visionet unified commerce advantages
      1. Cloud based architecture and deployment: The Visionet unified commerce solution is built on a scalable, secure and safe cloud architecture, and can support the largest multi brand, global organizations
      2. Global deployment and support model: Visionet’s proven global model supports your specific commerce objectives, whether it’s the rollout of new brands, new locations and unified commerce strategies
      3. Your data is safe and secure: By partnering with Visionet, your critical data is safe as our unified commerce platform complies with critical security certifications
  2. Leveraging the power of a unified commerce platform to optimize your business:
    With Visionet’s unified commerce solution, your data and services can be leveraged across the entire platform, enabling your merchandising and planning teams a singular view of data across all your operations
    • Visionet unified commerce advantages
      1. Core merchandising capabilities: Visionet’s unified commerce solution enables you to have a consistent merchandising strategy around all your consumer touch points: (web, mobile devices, social media, brick & mortar and other emerging shopping channels)
      2. Personalization & localization capabilities: With Visionet’s unified commerce solution, you now have the tools to personalize and localize your merchandise assortments, powered by the science of business intelligence and dashboard capabilities
      3. Predictive analytics: Predictive analytics are powered by Visionet’s unified commerce solution, which enables organizations to have a single holistic view of your customers, orders, products, inventory and promotional data across all your shopping channels
      4. Agile and scalable cloud based infrastructure: Visionet’s global deployment and support team’s proven capabilities gives you the confidence in knowing that your platform, and data are scalable, agile, reliable and secure


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