Visual Basic 6 to Visual Basic .NET Migration


Replatforming enterprise Logistics / ERP / Sales / Accounting System to .NET – End-to-End

Existing Application:

  • VB 5 Desktop Application
  • Oracle 8i
  • Citrix

The Challenges:

  • UI elements were being directly referred in the Business Layer resulting in difficulty in conversion to .NET as certain controls in the UI are not easy to convert.
  • The objects generated as result of Existing Data Access Layer were not thread safe.
  • The business logic was not very well consolidated.
  • Existing architecture lacked support for SOA, flexibility and extensibility
  • Typical Challenges of Desktop Application (Navigation, Dedicated DB Connections, Application Distribution)
  • Licensing issues due to Citrix.
  • Deployment issues to multiple client installation.

Re-Platform Key Objectives:

  • N-tier web based application using .NET technology
  • WEB farm using IIS6.0
  • SOA based architecture.
  • Web Services for integration with external systems
  • Framework based on MVC Architecture
  • Dynamic Page generation capability
  • Dynamic invocation of business layer. (Developer would just Code the business layer and configure the hooking through XML).
  • Making Maximum use of Existing Code.
  • Add functionality without Framework Recompile!
  • A Flexible Validation framework
  • Flexibility to Add Smart Clients.
  • Scalable.
  • Separation of Database Specific API from the .NET Code
  • Reusable Component Based Architecture

Impacted Business Lines:

  • MRP

Number of Users
3,000 users

Number of Concurrent Users

Project Duration
24 Months (in progress)

Project Effort
120,000 Hours

Existing Application Line of Code