Business Intelligence

Website Analytics

  • To provide intelligence that informs business decisions leading to an improvement in performance for online organizations
  • Insight into how customers interact with the web site
  • Identify traffic patterns and site usage
  • Measure effectiveness of content
  • Data from web analytics service provider is loaded into the database
  • ETL into the Data Warehouse
  • Pre-configured Microstrategy metrics and dimensions for reporting and dashboards

Dimensions & Facts

Key elements of captured data

website analytics dimensions facts

Conversion Dashboard

Entry Point View

  • Enables user to attribute conversion rate change to Marketing Channel by comparing the YoY change
  • Facilitates short term and long term strategic planning based on localized trends and long term change rates
conversion dashboard entry point view

Path View

  • Enables user to measure conversion rate changes for specific navigation paths on the eCommerce site for product categories
  • Facilitates E-commerce strategy alignment based on localized and long term user trends to fully leverage the potential for particular product categories
conversion dashboard path view

Bounce Rate View

  • Gives greater insight to the users to attribute the bounce rate of marketing channels and figure out which marketing channels to focus on in order to drive sales and not just website traffic
  • Facilitates in marketing campaigns’ improvements which could yield more sales instead of just driving users to a particular page
conversion dashboard bounce rate view


Traffic Dashboard

Entry Point View

  • Session counts and % of total sessions attributed to channel groups help CMO understand in which marketing channels to invest more in order to gain more traffic
  • Previous year/ current year comparison and ratio gives a measure of how successful the marketing channels are comparatively
traffic dashboard entry point

Response Time

  • A high response time for a particular segment could be attributed to high traffic and based on these two measures collectively the need for infrastructure enhancements could be measured
  • Similarly, low traffic on a high response time segment could indicate that it may not be marketing campaign’s failure but instead a badly performing website segment which is keeping users from frequently browsing to that particular segment of the website
traffic dashboard response time


  • This analysis provides a measurement of success for marketing campaigns targeted at attracting the user base of a particular hand-held device
  • This analysis provides important market research for marketing strategy planning to devise offers more relevant to the visitor community
traffic dashboard platform


Visitor Dashboard Rationale


  • Measurement of success for marketing campaigns targeted at gaining more user registrations
  • Statistics unfold important insight for marketing strategy planning to devise offers more relevant to the visitor community (registered/ non-registered users)
visitor dashboard rationale community

New/ Repeat User

  • Measurement of success for marketing campaigns targeted at introducing the brand to new visitor base
  • Measures the success of retention of visitors by the e-commerce website
visitor dashboard rationale new repeat user

Search Statistics

  • Measurement of search engine performance to see what it is unable to search from the e-commerce website
  • Measurement of how searching failures are affecting e-commerce website traffic
visitor dashboard rationale search statistics


Additional Dashboards

Sales Dashboard

  • Entry Point View – E-commerce Sales against Marketing Channels
  • Navigation Path View – E-commerce Sales against website Navigation Path
  • Source View –Projected Ship Sales by Source
  • Product Category View –Projected Ship Sales amount by Product Categories
additional dashboards sales

Summary Dashboard

  • TY/LY Year-on-Year scores for current day against each of following measures:
  • Traffic (total sessions)
  • Conversion (buying sessions ratio)
  • Bounce (one page sessions ratio)
  • E-commerce Sales
  • Projected Ship Sales
  • E-commerce Sales share in Projected Ship Sales
additional dashboards summary